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Tub BBC - YouTube ( Bbc Tub #2)

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Photo 2 of 3Tub BBC - YouTube ( Bbc Tub  #2)

Tub BBC - YouTube ( Bbc Tub #2)

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tub (tub),USA pronunciation n., v.,  tubbed, tub•bing. 
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  3. any of various containers resembling or suggesting a tub: a tub for washing clothes.
  4. the amount a tub will hold.
  5. a short and fat person.
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tubba•ble, adj. 
tubber, n. 
tublike′, adj. 


  • British Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Also,  BBC 
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    in the design of your kitchen backsplash due to the unfavorable influence of the water from the wood, wood is rarely used for the substance. Nonetheless, some modern kitchens remain utilizing wood for design backsplash. Lumber can give your kitchen a traditional feel or just add a contemporary minimalist layout and warmth.

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